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The Heavenly Throne

Those who follow the noble art of martial arts know that there's no place for evil in their craft and that all that matters is reaching the Heavens. But to do that, one must unlock their Force.

As one of the hit novels of the new wave of Russian LitRPG novels, Heavenly Throne follows one of the greatest underground fighters of the 2010s, who has found himself in a world much different than his own. He had thought that he had nothing more to lose, but fate is a fickle and cruel mistress.
Now, he must fight for his place in this new world as he advances on the path of martial arts and force cultivation.
The winner of the Russian National Wuxia Contest, Heavenly Throne provides readers with a refreshing take on cultivation stories.
The World of the Undead Force

The Hidden Paladin

In a dark universe where the strong rule, and the weak die, this story follows a guy on the path of Light and his journey through a world of Darkness.

Cultivation Methods. Ancient Secrets. Ascension of the Paladin.

Why be the Light in a world ruled by Darkness?
Why be an angel and serve God, when you can become one yourself?
Why pick one, when you can save them all?

Poor Cultivation

The Slayer of Heaven

A top-secret game for training superheroes. Hostile locals and unfortunate kids, fighting each other to get power and save their skins. A man willing to master this new force by drawing the power of his inner demons.

From the winner of the Russian National Wuxia Contest, Slayer of Heaven is a Russian spin on the cultivation genre, full of brutality and unforgiveness.

Max of the Rebellion

The Last Time Loop

Max finds himself in a time loop. Any kind of death annuls everything except his present knowledge, and returns him into the past. This is a good way to test all sorts of things. That is, it would be, if not for one little thing... This loop has real Lords and it’s unlikely that they will be happy to find out about an uninvited guest.
And that isn’t his only problem; all of his memories of the last year have simply disappeared. But the world around him changed in the meantime. Earth has been seized by the Velly clan and is now part of their Star Empire. Max has also discovered his gift of being a psychic. 
However, the latter isn’t that big of a deal.
Everyone can be a level one “battery;” for everything else, however, it’s necessary to have some talent, money, and connections, which only complicates things further.
A whole new world, great opportunities, and big troubles...
Welcome to the Last Time Loop!
The Darkest LitRPG you've ever read!

World of Karik

A Game of Villains

They lied, they lie, they will lie. This world is built on deception.
Vasily entered the store that fateful evening and became involved in a life-or-death game arranged by a mysterious creature. He survived, but instead of Earth, he now appeared to be in a different world, with other people who had passed a similarly deadly test. Some did so through force, some by using their cunning… Everyone has their own story, but they all have one thing in common — there are no good people among them.
The world of Karik turned out to be like a game. In it, one can level up, grow stronger, even resurrect in case of failure. But if one makes the mistake of believing the wrong person, they will die for real. Will the magic that Vasily needs to conceal, or maybe his patron, who seems incapable of telling the truth, help him? Who can say?
The main character appeared to be in the future, and he is ready to show female aristocrats and heirs of ancient houses the spirit of a player from 2010s. 

They have a better education, they are smart, they are cunning, but they know nothing about how to play, given the standards of our time!

The Champion is Playing

A simple man, lacking in knowledge, but quick of wit. He is flung into the future, where everything is different. Now, he has to make a name for himself, carve his own path in life. He decides to play a game, the biggest one in the world. A strategy game, focused on tactics, used to select the top managers of the largest international corporation. Now, he has to prove his mettle and earn a place for himself in the future...

Watch as he enters the competition, chooses his class, creates an army, and shows everyone in this new, future world the spirit of a player from the 2010s. Will he be the champion in the end?